Launching startups that sustainably solve the global climate change crisis by 2030

Laudato Si' Startup Challenge

Inspired by Pope Francis to care for our common home

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Entrepreneurs are challenged to innovate across seven key areas.

"The energy system is responsible for
2/3 of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissisons."
International Energy Agency

Areas of Focus - 1 of 7


Transform our energy systems to stop the most severe consequences of climate change.

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"793 million people are undernourished
and remain food insecure."
World Food Programme

Areas of Focus - 2 of 7


Reimagine our food systems to minimize their emissions and guarantee food security for all.

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"663 million people do not
have access to drinking water."
World Health Organization

Areas of Focus - 3 of 7


Increase the quantity and quality of freshwater to protect livelihoods.

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"By 2050, 6 billion people - 70% of humanity -
will live in cities."
United Nations

Areas of Focus - 4 of 7

Crowded Cities

Reinvent our urban communities for carbon neutrality and resilience to climate change.

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"As many as 200 million people
could be displaced by mid-century."
International Organization of Migration

Areas of Focus - 5 of 7

Human Potential

Minimize human suffering resulting from forced migration.

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"The biodiversity of nature provides
economic value worth $33 trillion dollars
and is expected to decrease by 25% in the 2050."
Millennium Ecosystem Synthesis Report

Areas of Focus - 6 of 7


Protect the world’s most fragile ecosystems and maintain healthy and thriving ecosystems worldwide.

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"Limiting the rise in global temperature to below 2 Celsius
by the end of the century will require an average of
$3.5 trillion a year in energy sector investments until 2050."
International Energy Agency

Areas of Focus - 7 of 7


Reshape our industries, business models, and finance to mobilize $10 trillion by 2030 in investments for a carbon-neutral global economy.

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Companies selected for the accelerator in Rome receive mentorship and equity funding over a two-month period. The accelerator will maximize your startup's potential across a wide array of disciplines--from user-acquisition to business development and investor pitches.

Application is Open

Companies with innovative and impactful solutions should apply now to receive mentorship and equity investment. Startups must have a registered legal entity to apply. Application Deadline: June 5, 2017


50 companies will initially receive mentorship to determine scalability and impactfulness. Ability to set and reach milestones will determine the 12 companies invited to Rome for the in-person accelerator.


While in Rome, you receive a $100k USD initial equity investment and we will maximize your startup's potential across a wide array of disciplines--from user-acquisition to business development and investor pitches.

Demo Day

Companies stage a presentation at the Vatican demonstrating the impact, feasibility and profitability of its solution, with an opportunity to secure further funding from the select investors and influencers in attendance.

Who's with you

The Laudato Si Startup Challenge is supported with a global network of companies, experts in leadership, business and environmental stewardship.


Companies will provide participating startups expert advice and support on their business strategy, communications and marketing strategy. Top companies from silicon valley will be supporting the Startups.


Companies receive mentorship from tech-centric professors, entrepreneurs and investors to set and reach milestones. Experts in community leadership, business and environmental stewardship evaluate all of the applicants and select 12 startups which are the most transformative, impactful, scalable, sustainable, feasible and profitable. These 12 startups come to Rome for an in-person accelerator from July 13th to September 9th.

"All of us can cooperate…for the care of creation, each according to his or her own culture, experience, involvements, and talents." - From the Laudato Si' of His Holiness Pope Francis

Transform Crisis into Opportunity

Be one of the startups to receive mentorship and equity investment.
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Application deadline: June 5, 2017 | See FAQs for more information.